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Book more loads, drive fewer empty miles.

The sheer size of our network means you’ll find plenty of load opportunities to fit your schedule, equipment and routes home.

run your business with our smart data tools.

HURTLER Connect™ makes your job easier with simple ways to search, bid and book the loads you prefer, when and where you choose.

Keep money in your pocket with our rewards.

We offer one of the top carrier rewards programs in the industry: bonus tiers, extra savings, personalized perks and fast payment options.

Network and scale

Increase flexibility, expand opportunity

We have one of the largest load volumes in the business, with multiple modes for flexibility. Our range of services – FTL, LTL, Expedite, Last Mile and more – provide more opportunities, no matter your size or capacity.

HURTLER is the leading provider of Last Mile deliveries in North America.

Join HURTLER’s fast-growing last mile contract motor carriers and work alongside some of the world’s largest retailers. We steadily create exciting opportunities for contract motor carriers within our expansive network across the United States and Canada.


Book multiple loads and lock in top-rates with HURTLER Choice.

HURTLER Choice is an innovative fleet program to allows owner-operators to remain agile and flexible even in the toughest freight markets. By leveraging HURTLER Drive, our mobile app and loadboard, carriers can access a variety of options.

HURTLER Connect™/ Drive™

Book loads anywhere, anytime

Our cutting-edge technology helps every kind of carrier maximize resources and opportunities. The HURTLER Connect™ platform gathers up-to-the-minute data to help you find loads that fit your location, schedule and equipment. With the HURTLER Drive mobile app (iOS or Google Play), you can bid, book and get home faster.

Save big,
earn more

We have one of the best carrier rewards program in the industry, for small and large fleet carriers and owner-operators alike. With tiered rewards, the more you haul, the more you earn. Save more with our fuel card and discounts on truck maintenance and tires, retail and more.
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Our carrier specialists are standing by 24/7 to help you with any challenges on the road. Feel free to give us a call (239) 673-0136 or send us email for more information on

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