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Why work at HURTLER?

HURTLER goes the extra mile for our carriers with a loyalty program and marketplace. Gain money by booking loads and save through the HURTLER Extra industry partnerships. The more you haul, the more you save and earn.

More loads when and where you want, with our support


Fast-paced innovation

We attract top technologists because we build the leading platforms in our industry. For more than a decade, we’ve invested heavily in technology to stay ahead.


Competitive compensation

We provide competitive compensation and benefits from day one, and we are committed to rewarding team members who excel.

Growth and opportunity

Over 60% of our new hires join us for the significant growth opportunities we offer. These include job advanced programs, academic partnerships and tuition reimbursement options.

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Guide our agile, fast-growing company toward success as part of our corporate team.


Help customers meet their business goals and find the most efficient ways to move freight.


Collaborate with top-tier technologists and help build the industry’s leading platforms.


Apply your skills to a vital part of HURTLER operations as part of our Warehouse team.

Customer support

Be there for our customers when they need us most. Join our exceptional support team.

Early career

Embark on a career path that motivates you. Learn, grow and advance at HURTLER.

Culture and impact

Culture and impact

We are a culture of safety and inclusivity at HURTLER – on and off the road. Through our diverse workforce and partnerships, we’re able to innovate and better serve our customers. We make a positive impact on the environment with our sustainability initiatives and commitment to fewer empty miles.

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