International Roadcheck: Focus on ABS and Cargo Securement

As carriers in the commercial motor vehicle industry, it’s crucial to stay updated on important events and initiatives that promote safety on the roads. One such event is the International Roadcheck, an annual 72-hour inspection and enforcement event conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. In this year’s […]

Responding to Import Delays

Stay Ahead of Supply Chain Disruptions As a logistics partner, Hurtler can help businesses find a shipping mode that is both time-conscious and financially advantageous. Hurtler closely watches industry events and can give you expert advice on how to adjust your logistics strategy. Our operations centers are staffed with industry experts with experience managing international […]

What Is 3PL Managed Transportation?

Is your business a good fit for a managed transportation solution from a third-party logistics provider? If you feel like you spend all your time on logistics and transportation issues, the answer is yes. It’s time to refocus on your core business. A managed transportation solution is essentially a one-stop-shop created by a 3PL to […]