In need of a new 4PL, this beauty manufacturer turned to Hurtler for their supply chain challenges

A leader in the beauty industry was in need of 4PL services for its North American locations. The company creates skincare, color cosmetics, fragrances and other personal care products. Unhappy with their in-place 4PL, the company was interested in working with a partner to reduce their transportation spend and help improve service to their customers. The company faced tight timelines and needed help with both TL and LTL services. It was important for them to work with a company that would uphold their reputation that spans over a century.
Working with our solutions experts, Hurtler’s custom API solution allowed seamless integration between Hurtler Connect and the company’s existing TMS, gaining access to real-time data, carrier dispatch, order optimization and freight audit and payment services. This allow for both Hurtler and the customer to communicate proactively through follow-up emails and notifications.

With a continuous improvement mentality, Hurtler worked in tandem with the company’s operational and supply chain teams to redesign the client’s processes and make their operations run more smoothly and effectively.

Hurtler serviced hubs for the client that were located around the country in multiple locations, originating from their main warehouse in the Midwest and reaching as far as California and Florida.
The new Managed Transportation solution provided improved responsiveness provided by Hurtler. The processes and systems put into place allowed for:

  • Significant savings for the client. In some instances, existing carriers lowered their established prices.
  • Pertinent information to the client in a timely manner, allowing enough time to circumvent or prevent potential issues
  • Servicing of nearly 400 shipments per month, with an average of $9M of freight under management
  • Extra cushion time to the client’s lanes, which increased their on-time delivery percentage

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