Top 5 Benefits of Fuel Cards for Freight Carriers

A freight carrier’s life on the road can be more complicated than it looks. In addition to sometimes spending days away from home, there are operating costs, hazards and fuel costs to manage. Signing up for a great fuel card program can help. Whether you’re an independent owner-operator, a small fleet owner or have a large trucking company, a fuel program can save thousands of dollars on fuel bills each month.

Most carriers spend 20% of their expenses per month on fuel

This article explains how fuel cards work, and how individual carriers, as well as trucking companies, can benefit from a good fuel card program. By joining a program, you can keep your fuel expenses under control, even when there’s a sudden increase in fuel prices.

What Is a Fuel Card?

A fuel card is used as a payment card specifically for diesel fuel purchased at truck stops and travel centers. The two most common card options are: a fuel credit card or pre-funded fuel card.

Fuel Card Benefits for Freight Carriers

1. Consistent fuel discounts

A fuel card lets carriers purchase diesel at discounted prices, which is a big advantage during spikes in fuel prices.

2. Centralized control over driver spending

A fuel program provides customizable purchasing control over use of the cards. A carrier or a fleet manager can decide when, where, what and how much fuel a driver can buy.

3. Consolidated, detailed tracking and reporting

Carriers and fleet managers can track, manage and control fuel expenses across multiple vehicles and drivers, eliminating the need for paper receipts. The administrator of the fuel card program will receive a single invoice detailed by drivers and vehicles. The fuel card program creates a record each time a vehicle filled up, including location and total cost, which saves time and ensures accuracy for International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA) reporting — the record includes all fuel receipts and volume by state.

4. Driver convenience and time efficiency

Fuel cards are generally accepted at truck stops and travel centers nationwide, making them very convenient for owner-operators and fleet drivers. Each fuel card program has a broad network of fueling stops that are typically easily accessible on major routes, whether vehicles are fueled locally, regionally or nationally.

5. Secure payments

Fuel cards function much like credit and debit cards from a security standpoint — they require a PIN or some other authentication to process the fuel purchase. Only authorized users will be able to make fuel payments with the card.

What’s Special about Hurtler’s Fuel Card Program?

Hurtler’s fuel card program is designed to help owner-operators and fleet managers save an average of up to $1,000 per month on fuel. Some carriers with large fleets save over $100,000. Drivers can use these cards at any of the fuel stations listed in Hurtler’s network. The Hurtler Fuel Card is accepted at over 9,000 truck stop fuel locations in North America, with discounts applicable at over 2,000 travel centers.

Key Features of the Hurtler Fuel Card Program

• Hurtler is among the most competitive transportation companies using third-party carriers, with many carriers in the Hurtler network saving up to 41 cents per gallon* at major fueling sites.
• Carriers can enjoy the benefit of saving an additional one to four cents per gallon on top of regular fuel program discounts, depending on their rewards tier.
• The Hurtler Fuel Card is part of Hurtler Extra, which gives carriers of all sizes the flexibility to fuel up at a discount at major truck stops nationwide, with no minimum gallons.
• Hurtler Extra has no contract and no monthly or annual fees. All Hurtler Fuel Card program members are automatically eligible for maintenance discounts. Hurtler’s highly skilled technicians are ASE-certified and are available to provide skilled maintenance services in proximity to almost all routes. Drivers only need to provide their MC or DOT information to the truck service advisor to receive their discount.

Summing It Up

Hurtler would like to thank all their carriers for their dedication to providing a service that is essential to shippers and the economy at large.

Start taking advantage of the full range of Hurtler Extra’s program features, including fuel discounts, to better manage your workload and reduce costs.

Contact us to learn more about Hurtler’s Fuel Card Program today and start cutting your expenses to improve your profits!

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