Responding to Import Delays

Stay Ahead of Supply Chain Disruptions As a logistics partner, Hurtler can help businesses find a shipping mode that is both time-conscious and financially advantageous. Hurtler closely watches industry events and can give you expert advice on how to adjust your logistics strategy. Our operations centers are staffed with industry experts with experience managing international […]

The Benefits of Using Dedicated Lanes in Your Trucking Business

As a carrier, you understand the importance of finding consistent work and optimizing your fleet for maximum efficiency. One solution to these challenges is signing up for dedicated lanes. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of dedicated lanes in general and how Hurtler’s Dedicated Lanes program specifically can help you optimize your fleet […]

Three Benefits of a Transportation Control Tower

It’s no secret that today’s marketplaces have new challenges to navigate. More than ever, your transportation network should be designed to withstand volatility in operating conditions and reduce risk. An experienced network of transportation control towers is a solution that can stabilize the transportation components of your supply chain throughout market changes and can help […]

Top 5 Benefits of Fuel Cards for Freight Carriers

A freight carrier’s life on the road can be more complicated than it looks. In addition to sometimes spending days away from home, there are operating costs, hazards and fuel costs to manage. Signing up for a great fuel card program can help. Whether you’re an independent owner-operator, a small fleet owner or have a […]

Top 5 Benefits of Joining a Carrier Rewards Program

Carriers are the backbone of the transportation and logistics industries. They routinely overcome various obstacles to keep economies moving forward. They meet freight handling requirements, make tight deadlines for loading and unloading, manage risks related to traffic delays, navigate volatile weather and vehicle failures and cope with rising fuel prices. These are common challenges all […]

Understanding the Basics of Last Mile Logistics for Heavy Goods

“Last mile” logistics — also referred to as “final mile” — is the last leg of the shipping journey for a product. When the item is small and lightweight, the last mile delivery may be made to your mailbox or front door by the postal service, or by a courier, such as FedEx, UPS or […]

What Is 3PL Managed Transportation?

Is your business a good fit for a managed transportation solution from a third-party logistics provider? If you feel like you spend all your time on logistics and transportation issues, the answer is yes. It’s time to refocus on your core business. A managed transportation solution is essentially a one-stop-shop created by a 3PL to […]

What Is Air Charter Service (and How Can It Help)?

Does this sound like you? The parts that your business urgently needs are sitting on a supplier’s dock 1,200 miles away. You need them at your plant 12 hours from now to avoid a major catastrophe. If you ship them on ground transportation, you’re looking at a minimum of 24 hours on the road. How […]